Founded in October of 2012, Bickering Ivy was born from an affinity for the preppy lifestyle and a love of classic style. Beyond being the ramblings of a traditional collegiate aesthete, it was established to promulgate good taste and gentlemanly deportment. It draws its name from a play on words on the campus jargon of Princeton, one of the birth sites of prep style and culture.

Bickering Ivy is a series of ramblings — a stream of consciousness put to print.  Covering topics ranging from style to culture to normative philosophy, special consideration is given to aesthetics.  Our purpose is both to entertain and to contribute, our goal to offer advice and opinions that are both helpful and unique.

Bickering Ivy is a refuge for displaced preps and disgruntled aesthetes.  It is an escape from the average, the everyday, the run-of-the-mill, and the mediocre.  More than that, however, it is home to a distinct brand and an attempt to bottle an essence.


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