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Belmont_CupToday in New York is the Belmont Stakes, the final leg of the US Triple Crown. Those of us unable to attend today will decidedly be tuning in on our televisions to watch the race. Like the Preakness and the Kentucky Derby before it, the Belmont Stakes serves its own signature cocktail for the enjoyment of race-goers. However, for whatever reason, the Belmont has been unable to maintain a tradition in the cocktail depart as have its aforementioned counterparts. The current official cocktail, the Belmont Jewel, was first introduced in 2010, replacing the Belmont Breeze. The Belmont Breeze dates back to 1998, when it replaced the White Carnation, the Belmont’s original ‘signature’ cocktail. At Bickering Ivy we’ve collected the recipes for each one of these drinks so you can decide for yourself which is best. So relax, pour yourself a Belmont Jewel and enjoy the race.

The Belmont Jewel
1 1/2 oz. Woodford Reserve bourbon
2 oz. Lemonade
1 oz. Pomegranate  juice

Combine and shake vigorously with ice. Strain over ice into a rocks glass. Garnish with a cherry or lemon twist.

The Belmont Breeze
1 1/2 oz. bourbon
3/4 oz. sherry
1/2 oz. fresh lemon juice
1 oz. simple syrup
1 1/2 oz. fresh orange juice
1 1/2 oz. cranberry juice
1 oz. 7-Up
1 oz. club soda

Combine all non-carbonated ingredients and shake with ice. Strain over ice and garnish with a fresh strawberry and mint sprig.

The White Carnation
2 oz. vodka
1/2 oz. peach schnapps
2 oz. orange juice
soda water

Chill ingredients. Combine liquors, orange juice, and a splash of cream. Stir and pour over ice into a highball glass. Top with soda water and garnish with an orange slice.