harrysThe name on everybody’s lips over the past few weeks has been “Harry’s.” With reviews and endorsements everywhere, including this month’s Gentleman Quarterly, Harry’s has quickly become a hot topic. But what exactly is all the fuss about? Well, gentlemen, I’ll tell you.

Harry’s is a brand new, online-only, grooming emporium for gents. Launching just last month, Harry’s is already off to a roaring start. Harry’s is more than a company — it’s a philosophy. They offer craftsmanship and quality for rock-bottom prices. I had to experience the hype myself to believe it.

For just $15, I placed an order for “The Truman Set.” The Truman Set included the Truman handle, three blades, and one tube of Harry’s shaving cream. I payed less for the whole kit than I had been paying for just four replacement blades for my former razor, and shipping was free. I was skeptical, as you can imagine.

When the parcel from Harry’s arrived, I carefully opened the neatly bundled box to find the beautiful, minimalist packaging of Harry’s products. I opened the oblong box and pulled out a sleek, well-built razor. Turning it over in my hands, the first thing I noticed, after the razor’s striking beauty, was its weight. The handle was solid, and obviously well-constructed.

I opened the cap on the shaving cream as I began the “maiden shave”. The cream was smooth and had a balmy, medicinal smell. Harry’s shaving cream uses natural ingredients, like liquorice, milk thistle, and cucumber extracts, that cool and comfort the skin in addition to giving it its pleasant, herbal fragrance. The razor glided along the skin for a close yet comfortable shave, moving gracefully under the direction of one’s hand.

This was easily the best shave experience I’ve had. Harry’s is the embodiment of quality, craftsmanship, and value. A product of German engineering, Harry’s razors are of the utmost quality at a price affordable to anyone. I highly recommend Harry’s products to readers at Bickering Ivy.

I’m just wild about Harry’s.