We all carry out conversations with ourselves in our heads as we progress through our day-to-day activities.  I find that some of the day’s best conversations happen right under my hat; they’re always filled with amusing yet insightful sass and good-natured humour, and best of all each and every intrapersonal syllable is enunciated expertly in a British accent.  This is not to say that dry wit and charm do not pervade spoken conversation as well (I hope they do at least), but not every thought can be spoken.  After all, who has the time to sit about all day to listen?  Enter Bickering Ivy.

Bickering Ivy, in short, is a series of ramblings, a stream of consciousness put to print.  The topics will likely range from style to culture to normative philosophy; anything is fair game, but special consideration will be given to aesthetics.  The purpose is both to entertain and to contribute.  I hope my readers find that I live up to the wit I have promised in this introduction, but it is equally my hope that I can offer advice and opinions that are both helpful and unique.

I’ve been called many things: dandy, fop, neo-Victorian, young fogey, traditionalist, prep, WASP, Ivy League, gaudy, over-the-top, old-fashioned.  I prefer “aesthete par excellence”.  I tend to intrigue people, at the very least, and consequently they enjoy picking my brain and seeing what makes me tick.  I can be, and usually am, controversial, but my aim is not to offend.  Indeed, I mean only to present my thoughts as they truly are and without being watered down by political correctness.  Doubtless many of my readers will at some point in time take offence to something written herein. I hardly expect anyone ever to agree with me on every topic; thus far no one I know has.

There are different philosophies on how to take me.  Some interpret me literally, assuming that I mean everything I say and that I stand vehemently by every word I utter.  Some think of me as a parody of myself, exaggerated.  Others believe me to be mostly tongue-in-cheek.  I will neither confirm nor deny any of these interpretations, but without giving any direct answer, it’s probably a combination of all three.  My suggestion to readers, of course, would be to choose your method of interpretation according to which affords the most value to you.

Bickering Ivy is a refuge for displaced preps and disgruntled aesthetes.  It is an escape from the average, the everyday, the run-of-the-mill, and the mediocre.  More than that, however, it is home to a distinct brand; it is an attempt to bottle my essence and a forum in which to market it (you might as well take it while it’s still free).

Lastly, I hope my readers enjoy Bickering Ivy; it is for you, after all, that I am writing in the first place.  Best wishes to you.